Store audit system for X5 Retail Group

Store audit system for X5 Retail Group

«X5 Retail Group»
Improvement of store audit system
Improvement of an existing system. Auditor, merchandiser and mystery shopper work optimization and higher work quality by improving previously implemented technologies.
We are not the original developers and it was important for us not to rewrite the architecture but to preserve the existing structure which suits the customer well.
We decided the anchor solution for this project will be
Anchor solution for the project is different logic for the audit planning system, the ability to insert instructions and comments to increase quality of the reports and reduce time needed for data processing.
Available on any device.
In addition to web browsing, reports are now available on mobile devices.

Store search
We also added geo-location option on mobile app which makes store search and audit planning in different locations easier - user now has a choice: either choose the store of interest from the drop down menu or search for it on the map.
Interface was also improved. The improvements were not about changing the looks but about product ergonomics. Users experienced difficulties navigating the menu. We made it more intuitive; therefore, reduced the time needed for task completion.

Our impressions
Almost 8000 happy users – that’s what we are doing our job for!


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