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Mobile docflow

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CASE: Norilskii Nikel. Mobile electronic document management.


Introductory task
Important part of electronic document management integration - involvement chiefs and translate their work into electronic form. Wherein now system interface didn't suit for TOP manager’s work. Norilskii Nikel’s chiefs are very mobile persons so their work with documents and assignment often is carried out on business trips, in cars or planes. One of the most important aspect of create mobile app is speed of data transfer and full access opportunity to documents including offline.

Our solution have stricting users. Сoncerning we had several unsimple tasks.

1.Сonvenience. In order to made this app more convenience, including work on mobile phone display, we had to detail analyzed all necessary for displaying data and and leave only the most necessary. Wherein it was important to keep the essence so that the user could easily find necessary document and accept a right decision.

2. Speed. The app must to work maximum fast. For it we had thinking through all the data synchronization process so that traffic optimization and carry out stress testing.

3. Safety.There are implemented all the requirements of Information Security include a protection of tranlate and stored data, authorization with pin-code and Touch-ID, logging system, monitoring of unauthorized access.

4.Visual design. The interface designed with all taking into account the latest trends in the implementation of interfaces: multifunctional FAP button, sidebar, notice understandable for users, animation all of action.

5. Integration. Naturally this app was integrated with system of electronic document management.Just one line include more than 1000 working hours of our architectors. This time was spend from sciencing Norilskii Nikel’s system of electronic document management, study of the integration matter and that this work did’t been notable.

Our impressions
The biggest difficulty we faced - extremely tight deadlines. App was released 3 months after the development start date but it did not prevented us from taking into account all of the architecture nuances, full realization of all Information Security requirements and at the same time giving an equal attention to the technical and visual components of the project.

We had no right to make a mistake. That is why team worked Iteratively and used Agile. It allowed us to include all interested people from consumer to IS specialists in the developing process.


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