Strategic Partnership 1520

Strategic Partnership 1520

App is designed for comfortable work of participants in the ninth International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520”. With app, you can always find interested info, read the biographies of the speakers, find photos and video from a discussion forum etc.

App allows to

» receive detailed info about a program of activities and events, including info about speakers;
» have a look at the program of evening activities;
» find out how to get to the event;
» have full details of the place;
» read Daily 1520 publications;
» upload photos and video from events.

App supports multiple languages: English and Russian.
Mob app is available on the Apple and Android platforms.

The Strategic Partnership 1520 (SP1520) is a bespoke international forum dealing with rail issues and is the largest business meeting of all major stakeholders across the wide gauge area.

The SP1520 is about fostering a joined-up approach to the development of rail sector across 1520 to make sure it is on the leading edge of freight and passenger transportation in the world over.

The forum aims to reach systemic solutions for the most important operating issues in the rail complex: optimization of transport process, modernization of transport infrastructure, attracting investment, and the production of modern rolling stock.


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