You don't need app.

You don't need app.

Internal mobile app had become some sort of a pop culture element for businesses in the recent years.
Before, if you did not have a website – you were not cool. Now that same story is happening with mobile apps. And that's not cool.
There are many articles on "why mobile application is necessary for business" and "how to choose a developer". However, the issue of developing your own application for the enterprise segment hasn’t been fully disclosed.
Indeed. Why do companies need to develop a mobile solution to automate business processes? And is it necessary at all?
Elena Bardina, the head of the marketing Department at BAKKA, will help in gaining understanding on the subject.

The mobile Internet market is growing exponentially. Naturally, the business wants to use that for its own needs. And if in the case of B2C segment this is understandable – an additional tool to increase user loyalty and the ability to monetize an additional sales channel with millions of users, then what about smaller companies who want a mobile app to automate internal business processes?

These apps don’t get posted in the stores, they don't promote and they don't earn.
The purpose of this product is to make the work of employees more comfortable, to get away from a ton of paperwork and to minimize the time for delivery and approval of documents.
It often happens that the desire to automate business prevails over common sense and remains the main reason for the development of your own mobile application. Usually in the minds of heads of IT departments or business owners emerges a bright picture – we are going to implement the app now and the live will immediately become easier and more fun. But no.

So, let's look at a couple of contradictions to the development and implementation of your own internal mobile solution.

You want to be in trend
When deciding to develop your own mobile app, you should clearly understand what tasks it should be solving and what specific benefits you will get from it – this is an indicator of its need.


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