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In the condition of total overheating of the IT market the search for professionals often changes from the category of usual task in to the super challenge category.

Of course, every HR who works in IT has dreams about finding a developer with perfect background where he simply tells the developer: "come to our side, we have cookies."

But no.

Several years ago we faced this problem in our Astrakhan office. We knew that if in Moscow we receive a lot of resumes from candidates, but there is silence in Astrakhan - something went wrong. So we seriously thought about HR approach for the whole group of companies.

How could we ensure that the mission of recruiting professional become feasible?

We derived our unique formula and it works.

First of all, we needed a clear strategy for the company's development. Without understanding of where we are now and where we are going, there was a big risk not only not to improve, but also to stay out of the loop of the "big IT". The truth - "if you want to be in the market, you have to move faster than the market" - isn’t something we came up with.

Next, the analysis. It is important to monitor changes in behavioral models, people's way of life and to know the market value of the professionals.

Monitoring our competitors, we see sky-high salaries, extended benefits, comfortable offices, lots of bonuses, flexible work days or even remote work from the beaches of Goa. However, we will not surprise anyone in the industry with these options. Therefore, we use our imagination and continuously look for new ways to attract future employees.

We aren’t only searching on the traditional platforms - hh, my circle, facebook, linkedin, but also look at Stack Overflow, Github, and we use internal recommendations. We are always happy if an employee recommends his former colleague, classmate or friend. For example, the company has an internal share of "Master Hunt" - if a specialist recommended by one of our employees becomes a part of our team, the employee will get a valuable prize.

We have a well-developed internship process - we work with the largest urban and rural universities - we give open lectures, participate in student job fairs, conduct competitive selection for internships. Winners get the opportunity to work with the real world problems and work on big projects just like everyone else in the company. Also - we believe that any work should be paid for, so BACCA’s students receive scholarships.

Technically, candidate selection seems like a proactive process, where speed, persuasiveness, the ability to "sell" a job opening are most important. The faster you screen the resume, the higher the chances are that the candidate will come out for an interview. In the current situation, when a good candidate receives about 10 offers in one day, delay is a terrible risk. In communicating with the candidate, if they are fine with it, we actively use instant messengers, because people check these more often than emails.

When a potential employee comes for a face to face interview, anyone who conducts an interview should be a bit of a psychologist to see what kind of person the candidate really is and his real potential behind the stress. It is very important for us that the person would not only be technically savy, but will also share our values.

Work in the development of mobile solutions implies teamwork. People should not cause stress to each other. In BACCA, there is no place for squabbles for nothing - projects will suffer from this. Historically, we have excellent relations between the members of our team.

Recently there was a funny story: a young man came for an interview for iOS developer position – these young people are called stars - brilliantly understood the platform. But he was very tense with minimal contact. We did not want to lose him so at some point interview became informal – thirty minute discussion about soccer which let him relax and he eventually joing our team.

We are sure that the key value of the company is its employees. A good offer does not guarantee that the employee will stay with the company for a long time. As mentioned before - the market is oversaturated with offers. The employee must be given everything he needs so that he doesn’t even allow thoughts about looking for a position elsewhere.

Our priority is education, training and improvement for each employee. We are actively implementing the assessment of competencies and creation of the individual goals in growing for each member of the team. 2018 is the year of training and improving personal effectiveness. We have planned many interesting training (and other) events, sessions and interactive activities – the employees will like these.

Adequate leadership that always ready for dialogue is also important: we are for the concept of open doors and equal relations between all employees, regardless of the position held. Our custom is informal communication within the company.

Competitors are not sleeping, but are actively looking. We understand this and try to create the most comfortable environment for each employee, highlight the best, give award. We launched a number of internal competitions and developed a transparent motivation system for the whole team.

Our formula can be formulated as: "Attract the best, develop the best, keep the best"

These, simple in general, principles do work.

Over the past year, the number of employees at BACCA (in both regions) grew by 45%. It was a necessary step - the year after year we are getting more and more projects and the projects themselves are becoming bigger. But the main achievement is that we achieved the minimum turnover of personnel - only 12%.

Of course, there is no universal HR recipe – it is different for each industry. But you definitely don’t need to be afraid to experiment with new hiring and retailing technologies and trying out new management models.


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