RUS Quality developed quality standard for mobile apps

RUS Quality developed quality standard for mobile apps

RUS Quality developed quality standard for mobile apps. The quality standard includes recommendations for developers and test methodologies that the experts of RUS Quality laboratory will be using for an app research.

ANO “RUS Quality” was founded by the Government order and is a holder of Russian government quality product certificate “Sign of quality”. “Sign of quality” certificate is given to products made in Russia only if these products match Russian high quality standards. Until now, the RUS Quality had never done certification of software.

Ivan Semchuk:

The introduction of the quality standard will definitely have a positive impact on mobile app development market as a whole. We have a huge experience in building mobile products. And we always give special attention to the quality of our products so the new quality standard won’t bring any changes to our company. We already comply with all of these new requirements in all projects. But let’s not forget about a huge number of companies on the market doing price dumping which they can afford by reducing the quality of their work. Thanks to the new standard, these companies will eventually have to think not only about the functionality of the mobile product but also about the security of personal and corporate users data.

We recommend to all companies who are planning on creating mobile apps to familiarize themselves with the new rules and use them as a baseline for not functional requirements.


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