Nornikel's mobilization

Nornikel's mobilization

Norilskii Nikel launched mobile version of corporate automatic system of documents managing.
This app gives an opportunity for company’s top-managers to work with documents with smartphones, tablets and allows consider, coordinate and sign documents very promptly, and also issue orders and receive reports on their implementation.
App’s interface is not overload despite big data. Information is easily accessible and high speed of access allows to increase the efficiency of work.
App is correspond to information security requirements and provides of DATA safety from unauthorized access in transmission and data storage on mobile devices.
It created on Optinum platform base and thanks for technological flexibility, the system can ramp up the functional opportunity and rise of percentage users working with this app.
The developers of these solutions is BACCA. The project was realize in a short time: exploitation began in 3 month from the moment of developing start .

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