This article will not tell you about the technology, EMM or corporate mobility. Let's talk about the most important today. About children.

We’d like to tell you a story from the real life. It's not something extraordinary - life description of a little girl who really loves sport.
Varya started to attend the runbike section when she was two years old. Once a week she goes to classes, and a couple of times a month she participates in competitions. Varya is a good fellow, and does a great job, but she is still a little girl and it is certainly difficult for her - traffic while she goes to the race, and periodically bad weather during competitions. But she's a fighter, and knows that she must be there and wait to be called to the start line. And she does, but sometimes she becomes angry and capricious, because she wants to run around and jump with friends, drink some juice or see what's around. She has no interest in these boring adult things like registration and the formation of the lists, and especially she doesn’t like the long lines of people called the waiting lines where her mother or father need to be.
After all, it's much more fun to run together with parents on the track at the warm-up. Varya’s mom, by the way, is worried too. She has to wait for the registration and watch her daughter at the same time, so that she does not run away (and Varya runs fast). But the registration is necessary, and nothing can be done about it. Organizers are trying their best to make it as quick as possible, but it is done manually, and takes time.
The organizer of the competition for children from 1 year old on balance bike, scooters and bicycles "Mini Grand Prix" Sergey, shared with us his view on the structure of the competition:
"The popularity of the races on the balance bikes is growing every year. Often we have to close the preliminary registration for the race, because there are too many people who want to participate. We are forced to follow certain bureaucratic procedures in order to make sure that the race will go by the rules. Of course, because of this there are some restrictions on the number of participants in each category, since the registration of one participant on the site of the race takes quite a long time: you need to check all the documents, give a start number and a sensor to record the results of the races. Of course, because of this, the impression of the competition is smeared. We would like to optimize this process so that the children and their parents are more comfortable, and we could attract more participants to our competitions. "

BAKKA really want to help these guys from the "Mini Grand Prix", because children's sport should develop.

In Russia, there are very few sport opportunities for little kids, where they become more enduring in the form of a game, where the coordination improves and proper development proceeds. Where the child from the very early age is laid the will to win and the belief in success.

Therefore, we decided to enter into a technology partnership with the "Mini Grand Prix", and develop the mobile application in which parents would be able to register their children for the race and see the results of the races.
This solution will greatly simplify the registration process on the spot. It will be enough to show the license of a little rider, and get your number and a sensor. In addition, parents will be able to see the time when their kid should go to the start and prepare in advance. And there will be no more grievances and disappointment due to the fact that they were late or got their race mixed up.
We are sure that sport, besides the physical and mental development of children, should bring pleasure to kids and their parents. And we very much hope that our mobile application will help the Mini Grand Prix competitions get even better and attract even more families in this remarkable movement.


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