Future users have chosen the application's design

Future users have chosen the application's design

We had talk already about the our unusual project. Working mostly with B2B segment we decided to start mobile app development for the MiniGP team - kid’s competitions on runbikes.
This solution will allow automatization the registrations and help little racers more fact to go to the start and no expect while their parents complete necessary documents. Each sportsmen will have personal account with race information and little raser’s licence.
We decided gonna experiment - do not approve the visual design of app with customer and conduct a survey with the future users that discover their opinion about concepts - which of them more likely. more than 250 people had a vote in social networks.

In the near future will be released the test case and created the focus group consist of little racer’s parents. In a week they will have a test the app’s functional and the tell us about their impressions. We will take into account all wishes and making this app most comfortable for users.


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