BACCA and iBecom

BACCA and iBecom

BACCA and iBecom entered into an agreement on integration of indoor positioning technology solutions into developing products. Signatories are CEO of BACCA Ivan Semchuk and commercial director of iBecom Alexey Kuzmin.

Companies Chiefs about the future partnership:

"The integration of indoor positioning technology solutions into the mobile apps will be another opportunity for workforce optimization and time reduction in production processes for our clients.

Strategic partnership of BACCA and iBecom will let us to expand our solutions: clients will get the opportunity to track the location of their staff and equipment in real time. In addition, our clients will be able to implement other mobile services based on the indoor positioning” - commented Ivan Semchuk

"We are very pleased with the reached agreement and we are sure BACCA can greatly expand the list of services and provide clients with even more functional products by using our modern technologies” - says Alexey Kuzmin.

BACCA - mobile integrator that specializes on solving the corporate mobility tasks. Creates complex B2E solutions for big businesses and government.

iBecom - developer and manufacturer of available indoor positioning technology. The company's products allow for unification of business processes in the field of micro-locations and indoor navigation.


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