Anyone who works in Agile, confirms Darwin’s theory

Anyone who works in Agile, confirms Darwin’s theory

The founder and the general director of BACCA group, Ivan Semchuk, participated in the CNews conference "IT strategy-2018", where the topics of digital business transformation were discussed.
Ivan told IT industry professionals about the corporate mobility strategy which allows increasing business efficiency, reducing the cost of implementation, maintenance and support of mobile solutions, as well as meet business requirements without compromising the security.
He specifically focused on the fact that in BACCA there is a systematic approach to mobilization:
· Define goals and objectives of using mobile technologies
· Isolate of digitized processes
· Analyze information security requirements and the formation of possible restrictions about the use of MP
· Prioritize projects taking into account the effect of their implementation
· Implement

The systematic approach allows achieving maximum effectiveness from the introduction of mobile technology into the existing business processes.
Possible risks that are associated with the lack of secure mobile infrastructure were also discussed - in 2017 alone more than 1 million devices were hacked which led to multimillion-dollar corporate losses around the world.
So why is the business mobility so important? The facts about the benefits of introducing mobile technologies speak for themselves:
· interaction level between employees increases by 28%
· productivity increases by 31%
· decision-making time reduces by 7%
Ivan drew a parallel line between the digitalization of business and Darwin's theory - companies have a choice - either to be at the forefront of technology, and, given the rate of the change in technology, always be one step ahead, or like dinosaurs, be in the backyard of business, and eventually completely disappear.


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