Baссa and e.Queo. Partnership.

Baссa and e.Queo. Partnership.

Today, the platform e.Queo is a solution that combines training, motivation and business communication into one mobile ecosystem, which is certainly one of the most important points of personnel development.
The functionality of the application is oriented to work in medium and large companies and allows employees to timely learn corporate news, undergo training, as well as get acquainted with presentations, best practices and regulations of the enterprise.
The introduction of the system helps to reduce the financial and time costs of solving issues related to staff training.

Bacca, a mobile integrator, sees great prospects for the development of this product to work with large companies through the integration of existing application capabilities in the existing IT-systems of the customer.

Ivan Semchuk, General Director of Bacca Soft: we are sure that the synergy of e.Queo’s functionality and the integration experience of Bacca will significantly expand the audience of consumers and provide business with a convenient multitasking tool.

Vagin, General Director of "e.Quio": in the B2B segment - the purchase of a software solution is only the beginning of the project. The implementation process is not easy, many issues are related to the integration, security and proper functioning of the systems in the overall ecosystem of the client. We see Bacca as a reliable partner in this difficult business and are confident in the high efficiency of an integrated approach to the purchase and implementation of the mobile platform.

Information about the companies:
Bacca group is a mobile integrator specializing in solving the problems of corporate mobility – from consulting and development of mobile applications to building a secure infrastructure and technical support for mobile solutions.
e.Quio -  innovator in the field of digital transformation specializing in 3 areas: software products, software development, and production of interactive learning content.


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