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Bacca released mobile docflow for OS AVRORA

One of the main trends in the development of IT-services in Russia is the transition of state authority, government companies and privacy companies  to domestic services and platforms. Read more

Baссa and e.Queo. Partnership.

In 2018, Baссa and e.Queo signed an agreement that provides for strategic partnership in the field of promotion and implementation of mobile solutions in the large corporate IT systems. Read more

What is the real cross-platform development?

This concept refers to the development of mobile applications that can be used with multiple mobile platforms. In the business world, BYOD (bring your own device) trend is growing. The BYOD applies to employees bringing their personal mobile devices to the workplace instead of using desktop computers or mobile devices provided by the company to access applications and corporate data. BYOD has made it necessary for companies to develop their own mobile applications and send them to many different devices using different operating systems. Read more

You don't need app.

Internal mobile app had become some sort of a pop culture element for businesses in the recent years.
Before, if you did not have a website – you were not cool. Now that same story is happening with mobile apps. And that's not cool. Read more

BACCA's paid internships

We sincerely believe that the profession of a mobile developer or architect of mobile solutions can be learned by practice only, so a year and a half ago we decided to launch a program of paid internships for senior students of technical Universities of Astrakhan. Read more

perfect plan of team development

Individual development plan helps the employee to understand where he wants to get, what to achieve, to understand at what position he sees himself in the future taking the specifics of the work into the account. Simply put, IPG visualizes goals that previously existed separately in the head.

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TOP-7 of business books

To build a successful business, it is not enough to have a start-up capital, great idea and luck. It is important to be able to think strategically, competently build business processes and establish proper communication with potential partners and customers. On the way to achieve your goals you will have many bumps perhaps, but you can go the path of least resistance and borrow some experience from those who have already went down this road and achieved great heights. Ivan Semchuk, the founder of IT company BACCA, told us about his TOP 7 books that helped him to succeed and grow an international IT-holding from a small company.
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Superhero race

September 2, the official release of the application for the Russian Federation of running Mini Grand Prix.

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Mosinzhproekt joint-stock company announced the introduction of a mobile workplace for the Manager to work with the corporate electronic document management system based on OpenText Documentum 7.1 xCP 2.2. The developer of the system was made by the company BACCA SOFT.
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Every year BACCA gives a set of lectures in the Russian Academy of National Economy And Public Administration.

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Digitalization is a trend that everyone is talking about today. By and large, we have been doing it for a long time but just a few years ago it was called differently. Digitalization entails the emergence of new business processes, and automation optimizes the existing ones.
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CNews Analytics rating

CNews Analytics has published an annual rating of Russia's largest developers of mobile applications for business and government agencies.

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BACCA is 7!

Everyone knows BACCA celebrates its birthday every Friday 13th. But even though today is Wednesday, it is still a special day for us! Our company was officially registered on May 30, 2011 so by the official calendar we turned 7 today!
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Our marketer Elena Bardina and designer Victoria Koshkina wrote an article for CNews, in which they told about why it is so important to design the interface of the corporate mobile application correctly. Read more

BACCA and LLS “SOKB” - russian developer of EMM Platform entered into an technician agreement.

In start of 2018 BACCA and NII “SOKB” signed a partnership contract whom provides special condition on EMM-solution sales and integration. Read more

Go to IT

In the condition of total overheating of the IT market the search for professionals often changes from the category of usual task in to the super challenge category... Read more

Anyone who works in Agile, confirms Darwin’s theory

The founder and the general director of BACCA group, Ivan Semchuk, participated in the CNews conference "IT strategy-2018", where the topics of digital business transformation were discussed... Read more

Searching for interns!

Recently BACCA arranged several technical workshops for junior IT-specialists who would like to connect their lives with mobility... Read more

The final Countdown

MiniGP project is a whole ecosystem with modern technologies helping race organizators to carry out the great events and young athletes to get more and more pleasure and excitement... Read more

Future users have chosen the application's design

We had talk already about the our unusual project... Read more

Nornikel's mobilization

Norilskii Nikel launched mobile version of corporate automatic system of documents managing... Read more


This article will not tell you about the technology, EMM or corporate mobility. Let's talk about the most important today. About children... Read more

Astrakhan office moved closer to the Kremlin

While BACCA’ office in Moscow starts on the new project, our Astrakhan’s branch decided to change their dislocation and get closer to Kremlin... Read more

IT breakfast with BACCA

On June 21st, 2017 BACCA held it’s first in the cycle IT breakfast... Read more

Local laboratory is deployed on BACCA’s base

Local laboratory is deployed on BACCA’s base. VMware AirWatch - the complex platform for managing company’s business processes with portable devices that provide convenient access to apps, secure data and efficient work in mobile environment... Read more

BACCA strengthens the position

On May 31st, 2017 the CNews analytics published an annual rating of the best russian mobile app developer companies for business and government... Read more

BACCA and iBecom

BACCA and iBecom entered into an agreement on integration of indoor positioning technology solutions into developing products... Read more

IT breakfast with BACCA

BACCA launches a series of business breakfasts “Business mobilization”... Read more

BACCA+Pyaterochka =Activnii GRAZHDANIN

BACCA came to the finish line with “Activnii Grazhdanin” project done for a huge grocery chain “Pyaterochka” that is a part of X5 Retail Group... Read more

RUS Quality developed quality standard for mobile apps

RUS Quality developed quality standard for mobile apps. The quality standard includes recommendations for developers and test methodologies that the experts of RUS Quality laboratory will be using for an app research... Read more

BACCA released an upgraded version of the website

BACCA released an upgraded version of the website. Now it is even more informative and user friendly... Read more


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